On Challenging Yourself

Project 52, Week 5

I’ve been super excited to share this image for week 5 of my Project 52. A couple weeks ago, Ben came home from work and told me to close my eyes and put out my hands. Cue the weird look… but I obliged. And he lightly placed two little copper pipes in my palm. To most, you’d probably wonder if maybe I was doing a plumbing project. But I assure you, I was not!

Before I started my social media fast, I wrote a list of things I wanted to accomplish on my hiatus. Things like writing blog posts, documenting a baking session, and journaling – none of which I really did, to be completely honest. But at the very bottom, I wrote, “shoot through things”. I’ve seen so many awesome photos lately that were shot through fun objects, like prisms and crystal balls. Shooting through these objects creates really interesting affects on the photos, allowing the photographer to challenge themselves creatively.

Thus, the copper pipe. It’s my first time trying out the copper pipe, so it’s not a perfect shot. But what I really love about this is the fact that I get to challenge myself and using the skills that I already have, add a fun twist to my photos! I can’t wait to use them more!

But for reals, friends. Don’t hesitate to challenge yourself, no matter what you’re hobby or your passion is. Growth is good. And I find that when I try something new, my creative juices flow and my batteries recharge. So get out there and do something awesome today!

And if the copper pipe wasn’t enough, I received a sweet Valentine’s Day gift from my hubby: a prism and two crystal balls. I’m itching to use them, so I’ll leave you with the photo and head out to play!

Project 52-Taking a photo through a copper pipe-Nicole Guido Photography

Also, halfway through my social media fast, I realized that the very last bullet point on my list was the word, “smile”, written by the sweetest hubby. Mission accomplished.

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