Nani’s Story

Project 52 – Week 3

It’s been almost four months and we are completely smitten. I don’t think I ever really blogged about Nani’s adoption – truthfully, since we brought her home, it’s been a whirlwind. But since she’s featured in the third week of my project 52, I thought it might be a good time to share.

In the beginning of July 2017, we said goodbye to our sweet pup, Max. If you’ve ever gone through the experience of losing a pet, you know that it hurts as much as losing a human. Ben and I (well, mostly me) decided that we weren’t going to search for another dog for awhile. We enjoyed having pets, but we needed time to grieve and settle into a new normal. And so, life went on.

Fast forward to September. I began to feel a little tug on my heart to consider adopting a dog. I had begun to search online, sifting through photos of dogs at local shelters only to find that most were either a restricted breed for our apartment community, or required a yard in order to even meet the dog. Over the next few weeks, Ben and I both began to search more often. And I waffled back and forth a bit on whether or not it was too soon to even be looking. Eventually, we put our search on hold and traveled down to Florida and Savannah for a long awaited summer vacation. One night, as we climbed into bed, I decided to do a little search. And while the search didn’t produce any results, I told Ben that maybe we should just pray for the dog that we might adopt.

What we didn’t know then is that within one week’s time, we would be meeting that dog.

A few days after arriving home, Ben had searched again and wanted to show me a few that were available. I was pretty quick to judge (maybe I was over the search at this point) and I immediately closed the screen on little Farrah. But Ben had a good feeling about her and just wanted to meet her, so I agreed. Three days after getting home from our trip, we drove to Prince George Animal Shelter to meet her. And, friends, the moment the officer brought her out, my heart was in a puddle on the floor.

She was timid and very quiet. But incredibly, incredibly sweet. Animal Control had found her in the pig pen on someone’s farm. She was submissive and had recently given birth to a litter. Her owner never came to claim her at the shelter and the officer told us that most people just passed her by because she’s so quiet and not energetic. That Saturday, we left with an application and decided to take the weekend to think about it. Were we ready for the commitment of another dog? We had also learned that she was positive for Lyme Disease and we wanted to research what we might be getting into. But the moment I got home, she was all I could think about. I didn’t even do any research about her condition, because I told Ben that she needed to come home with us. We were both convinced.

The rest of the weekend was spent brainstorming her new name… because we just couldn’t live with Farrah. Nani, which means “beautiful” in Hawaiian, popped out at us. And so, on Monday afternoon, we headed to the shelter to bring home our Nani-girl.

Since then, we have learned that Nani is NOT quiet or lazy. In fact, she is quite the opposite and we love every bit of it. She’s so full of energy, loves to run, and especially loves to cuddle. She’s gentle when taking treats from your hands, afraid of the dark, and loves shoes (and basically anything she can sink her teeth in) just a little too much. Within a month of having her, we replaced a couch, a remote control, and lost a pair of shoes, a few books and magazines, and a beach towel.

She really loves to sleep on our bed. We’ve tried to encourage her to sleep on her own bed, which she’ll do if it’s next to a nightlight. But every morning around 4:00am, she hops up onto our bed and weasels her way in between us, where she drifts back to sleep. She’s a bed hog, in an arms outstretched kind of way. She loves walks, is a bit of a treat snob, and is incredibly smart.

And we could not be happier. We miss our Max everyday. But Nani has become such an important part of our new season. And we love her to pieces.

Project 52-Dog on bed-Nicole Guido Photography