A Snowy Self-portrait

Project 52 – Week 1

Hey friends! At the beginning of the year, I announced that I would be partaking in a Project 52. My goal for this year is to document our life. The boring, the exciting, and all the in-between. I’m constantly reminding every client that I work with that all parts of their life are worth documenting. And so, I’ve decided to take my own little pep talk and apply it to our life. While I would love to partake in a 365 challenge, I’m also a realist and I know that I’d probably fall far behind before the end of January. And so, that’s where a Project 52 comes in. 52 pictures, one per week. That’s it! And so far, it’s going quite well!

Since I haven’t been able to share my photos on social media (I’m on a 21-day social media fast, in case you missed it), I thought that here would be a great place to share them. Eventually, I’ll share them over on Instagram under the hashtag #ngpp52, but until my fast is over, you can catch up with us here.

I spent the first week of January trying to decide what I wanted to capture for week 1. As we were anticipating our first really good snow if the year, I decided that that would be the perfect opportunity to try something new and capture a self-portrait. So mid-week, I ventured out into the cold to the end of our cul-de-sac, where the snow was untouched and the golden sun was dipping just below the tree line. I set up a tripod with a wireless remote, focused as best I could, and jumped into the frame. And so, week 1 was complete, just like that.

Project 52-Nicole Guido Photography-Self portrait in the snow

For photographers: settings ISO 250, f1.4, 1/3000, edited with Twyla Jones presets

I am currently booking into the spring and would love the chance to capture your family during your current life season. Drop me a note and let’s get planning!

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