Project 52 Catch-up

Project 52 – Weeks 4 + 7-13

Week 4

I’ve n e v e r been into self-portraits like I have until now. And it’s not because I’m vain, it’s because I think that it’s important, as women, to document who we are just as much as those around us. Oftentimes, we become the family historian, the storyteller capturing the happenings in our families lives. And one of the bi-products of that is that we often don’t end up in the photo quite as much as we’d like. And then it becomes as though we never really existed because we were hiding behind the camera in the background. Which, hello, is SO not true! Enter the self-portrait. It’s a confidence boosting, creativity cultivating, quick 5 minutes in front of the camera, pretending to laugh, which turns into a real laugh because you’re literally the only one in the room laughing at who knows what. And it’s awesome. This is one of my favorite photos of myself.

Project 52-Nicole Guido Photography-Self-Portrait

Week 7

This year I’ve decided to let go of the “right way” of taking photos and focused on making art. Basically, I’m just trying really cool stuff and totally not caring what anyone else thinks. Because really, how much of our lives are spent worrying about that kind of stuff. The Instagram caption for this photo read, “Let’s root for each other and watch each other grow.’ Amen to that, sister.

Project 52-Crystal Ball Photography-Nicole Guido Photography

Week 8

One of THE most amazing moments I’ve ever experienced. Our sweet friends, the Jabs’, invited me to photograph the birth of their sweet boy, Walter on February 19th. Before this, I’d never witnessed a birth. And nothing compares to hearing a baby take his first breath and cry. I was so humbled and honored to have been invited to capture one the most intimate and exciting moments of their lives. Also, I sense birth photography in my future.

Project 52-Richmond Birth Photographer-Nicole Guido Photography

Week 9

Occasionally, Nani and I walk past a pond near our home. On any normal day, nothing about this pond strikes me as unique or really even jumps out. But on an early evening walk recently, I noticed the way the sunset danced across the ripples of the water, turning the water sunset-y colors and creating a magical moment. If only I had my camera. Not long after, we decided to head over to Pocahontas State Park for a little hike and of course I brought my camera along. As we walked along the lake, I remembered how interested I had been in capturing the ripples at the pond. So I decided to attempt to capture my vision here. Not quite sunset, but still so soothing.

Project 52-Water at Pocahontas State Park-Nicole Guido Photography

Week 10

A mother’s love. This year, I’d really love to focus on capturing sweet motherhood moments for all of my clients. Because it’s important to me that they have these photos to document how little their babies once were and how present she is in their lives. After little Walter came home, we decided to do a fun lifestyle session – calling Jabs, Party of Four! During a moment of rest for big brother, I snapped a few intimate moments of mama and her littlest babe.

Project 52-Richmond Newborn Lifestyle Photographer-Nicole Guido Photography

Week 11

I’m loving how my Project 52 is turning out, but I realized this week that I also wanted to make sure to capture the realities of our life and how they are right now. I think it’s really easy to get caught in the mindset of, “we don’t have kids and our lives aren’t interesting.” But the truth of it is, our lives have never been more interesting. This girl. We love her to pieces. And she loves toys – to pieces. Quite literally. Our home is the land of dead squeakers, where I’m constantly performing surgery on stuffed animals to prevent them from bleeding out.

Project 52-Dog chewing on stuffed animal

Week 12

18 months ago, we found this little island in Belize for rent on Airbnb and thought maybe, just maybe we could pull it off. After looking into the logistics of travel (paperwork, etc.), we determined that it would be a once in a lifetime trip and, duh, we should book it. So we did. We arrived in Belize on March 21st and fell in love with this little country. We spent two days in Placencia before heading off to our island retreat 3 miles from the village. We were the only ones on this little island and we spent the majority of our time not caring what time it was, kayaking, reading, napping, and of course, taking photos. Ben was asleep one afternoon, so I took my camera and tripod out to the dock and snapped away. I felt a little silly… even though we were alone, boats travel through often, carrying fisherman and explorers. But I decided, meh, what the heck. I strutted myself up and down that dock until I got a photo I liked. Because you only live once, and it’s not often you get to take a selfie on the sea. Amiright?

Project 52-Self portrait on a dock-Belize-Nicole Guido Photography

Week 13

After our three night stay on our little island, we went back to Placencia for another two days. On one of those days, we explored the Mayan ruins. Most places of historical significance would never allow you to hike to the top. But here in Belize, they haven’t regulated that yet. So we hiked to the top of the temple and gawked over the view. You could see far and away and into the neighboring country – Guatemala.

Project 52-Xunatunich Mayan Ruins-Belize


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