8 Photo Projects to Try When You’re Stuck at Home

Whether you’re reading this because you’re quarantined at home during a pandemic (ahem, coronavirus) or your kiddos are on Spring Break or bad weather is keeping you inside, spending time at home doesn’t have to be boring or unproductive! Try these 8 photo projects when stuck at home!

1. Capture a day-in-the-life

If you’re a family photographer, you spend a lot of time documenting other families. And sometimes documenting our own can get lost in the shuffle of living it and editing sessions. Use the stuck-at-home opportunity to shoot a day-in-the-life session with your own family. Start with your morning/wake-up routine and shoot through the day. And you don’t have to put a lot of pressure on yourself to literally shoot all day. Just have your camera easily accessible. Every time you move to a new activity, snap a picture or two and then set your camera down and be present.

day in the life photography - photo projects when stuck at home - nicole guido - north carolina family photographer

2. Do an hour-by-hour project

Not sure you want to commit to documenting your whole day? Try an hour-by-hour project. Here’s how: set a time to go off every 60 minutes and capture a photo of what you’re doing at that moment. It’s okay if it’s not the most glamorous photo, friend, because this is supposed to be real life. Assemble all the photos into a photo grid at the end and you’ve got a fun little way to commemorate your daily life!

3. Take an online course

Our normal lives are usually super busy, which means continuing education can sometime slip by the wayside. Use the extra time at home to take an online course and learn something new!

Recommendations for classes:



FREE option: youtube.com – you’d be surprised what you can find!

4. Learn a new type of photography

I love working mainly with families and couples in my business. But I also really love food. So food photography has become a sort of passion project of mine. It’s a win-win really… I bake, then practice my lighting, styling, etc. AND then I get to eat what I bake. Maybe your “thing” isn’t food, but instead flat lays. Or maybe it’s branding sessions. Or maybe it’s studio lighting. The point is: try to learn and master a new skill that will diversify your biz – or just make you really happy!

photo projects when stuck at home - food photography - nicole guido - north carolina family photographer

5. Practice taking self-portraits

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m a part of a self-portrait loop on Sunday nights. And while all of my fellow photogs in the loop are SO much more creative and talented than I am, I still enjoy getting to purposely get in the frame. I encourage you to do the same! Here’s a blog post I wrote about 3 things taking more self-portraits has taught me. Get inspired and give it a try!

photo projects when stuck at home - self portrait with prism - nicole guido - north carolina family photographer

6. Challenge yourself to shoot at the same aperture all day

I’ll admit, I’m a low aperture junkie. I love me some bokeh and I’m the worst at getting the whole scene – obviously this project is for me. Choose a higher aperture and stick with it all day. You’ll be challenged to work with the scene and the available light.

7. Go on a photo scavenger hunt

It’s like “I Spy” but with a camera. Create a list for the littles or even yourself to be on the lookout for in your home or yard. Once you spot something, capture a photo of it in a creative way. I’ve seen so many awesome scavenger hunt ideas on Pinterest and Facebook floating around so if you don’t want to create your own, just find one and adapt it for you and your fam.

8. Get outside for a photo walk

Even if you’re stuck at home, you can likely still get outside (pending weather, of course, which can totally be hit or miss in North Carolina in the spring). Grab your camera and go for a walk. Capture photos of anything and everything you notice or find interesting. Sometimes I like to add music to these types of walks – to me, it feels like it awakens my senses and eyes to seeing things in a new and interesting way.

Bonus tip: Try a new medium

Don’t be afraid to try something totally new that isn’t photography related to get your creative juices flowing! What I’m interested in: watercolors! So you can bet I’m breaking out the palette and brushes!

Have an idea for another photo project? Drop it in the comments below!

One thing is for sure, friends. We will not be stuck at home forever! Life will get back to normal eventually, but in the meantime, let’s have some fun!