15 Things Nobody Knows About Me

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Heya friend! If you’re new to the blog, allow me to introduce myself! I’m Nicole, the heart and soul behind this little webpage. I’m a wife to a handsome soldier and a dog-mom to our rescue hound, Nani. I love to photograph people and connections. But I also really love little details, especially in nature. When I’m not shooting a session or editing, you can find me trying new recipes… I love to eat and I love to photograph beautiful food. I’m a chapstick addict (I’m serious, I always have a tube on me), I love dessert, and I’m pretty much obsessed with our Nani-girl… you can find out how obsessed by watching my Instagram stories because 85% of them are of her. I’m striving for a natural and clean lifestyle, so I’m always looking for ways to make changes for a better and sustainable life! I’m an introverted extrovert (wait, what?) and will jump right in in large group settings, but put me in an intimate situation and I’m a shrinking hermit (#truestatement). And because of that, you may not know that much about me! So today, I’m sharing 15 things nobody knows about me!

  1. I’ve tried pretty much every flavor of root beer sold at Rocket Fizz. I’m not even sure how many that is… but at one point it filled a good portion of our second fridge in the garage. #I’vegotaproblem.
  2. I represented my small town at the California State Science Fair two years in a row with a project on solar cells and fuel cells. Just call me a science nerd.
  3. I became an aunt at 5 years old. Now I’ve got 4 nephews and 1 niece ranging from 2-21 years old. And they’re all pretty great!
  4. I’ve visited 31 states. It’s my goal to visit all 50!
  5. My very first international trip was to Singapore, when I was in 3rd grade. Since then, I’ve been to Mexico and Belize. 
  6. My Starbucks order is… a Grande white chocolate mocha, hot. But during the fall, I really love their Caramel Apple Spice. 
  7. I hate running but I want to run a marathon. #goals
  8. I was ASB Treasurer two years in a row in high school. And VP of Finance of my Business Honors Club in College, Student Senator for the College of Business and Economics, and President of the American Marketing Association – CSUN chapter. Other people had sports, I had student government. 
  9. I once wanted to be a film producer. And win an Oscar. But I decided to get a degree in Business Marketing instead. And then I fell in love with photography and started my own business. It’s funny really… we never know where life will lead us. 
  10. I like to organize. And keep a planner… the old school way with a paper and pen. 
  11. It’s my goal to visit every National Park in the US. There are 58 and I’ve only been to a few. We better get on that goal. 
  12. We eloped when Ben was stationed in Hawaii and then had a more formal wedding ceremony a year later. On the day of our wedding, we had burgers at Cheeseburger Waikiki with our closest friends in Hawaii. We celebrate two anniversaries… but let’s be honest, love should be celebrated daily so having two anniversaries is no big deal. 
  13. When I was in elementary and middle school, I was in a few plays. I also danced throughout my childhood. I tired tap, jazz, ballet and my favorite, Irish dancing!
  14. I prefer dogs to cats. Because #naniguido.
  15. I LOVE minimalist home decor and have a Pinterest board dedicated to it. #dreamhouse

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