I asked my Instagram community who they wished they had more photos of…

Why it’s important for you to get in the frame


How often have you referred to yourself as your family’s historian? There’s probably a good chance that when you’re all together, doing something you love, you’re the one behind the camera. And while that’s awesome and sometimes necessary (because who really has a photographer follow them around every single day of their life??), it also means there’s something missing from these photos: you!

Just recently, I surveyed my Instagram followers by asking some questions in my Insta-stories. These questions were mostly about what they valued in life, what they do in their spare time – ya know, the kinda questions to help me get to know my online community better.

One particular question stood out to me. I asked them, “Who do you wish you had more photos of?” And I think their responses might surprise you.

You see, I mostly expected people to answer with “my kids” or “us as a family” (which is totally cool, by the way). But instead, the most common responses I got were: grandparents, parents, nannies – basically the people who shaped us into who we are today. One response even said, “My dad, because he’s always taking the pictures”.

Fayetteville NC Photographer - Nicole Guido

After reading these responses, I realized something. Photo sessions aren’t just an opportunity to document how much the kids have grown – though, that’s a really good reason. But they’re for so much more than that. They’re to capture the relationships and connections with the people around us. They’re to preserve your family history – one moment at a time. Most importantly, they’re for your kids, and their kids – so they can show the world where they came from. Photo sessions create a legacy and proof of a life well-lived and memories made and here’s the best part: they have YOU in them.

Dad and son in park with fall leaves - Fayetteville NC Photographer - Nicole GuidoFayetteville NC Photographer - Nicole Guido - child jumping on the bed

Now, here’s where most people stop me and say, “I totally agree, just gotta lose 10 pounds first” or “Our house is a mess”. I know how hard it can be to look past the piles of laundry, sticky counters, and toys scattered across the floor. I know how easy it is to get hung up on ourselves and the way we look. But I’m here to tell you that now is the time. Your family loves you for who you are! And they aren’t looking back at these photos someday in judgement. They’re looking back in awe and love. These photos of you and them together will be the most cherished, most loved photos. Because while we can’t slow down time, we can capture the small moments that would otherwise be gone in a matter of seconds. And that, my friends, is a gift that will keep on giving for years and years to come.

Fayetteville NC Photographer - Nicole Guido - Family playing with blocksFayetteville NC Photographer - Nicole Guido - Mom looking at newborn in mirror

Through the month of May, I’ll be challenging myself to get in the frame too. I’ll be posting daily photos over on Instagram and you should join me by tagging your photos with #getintheframemay! Let’s hold each other accountable. If you’re in, can you do me a favor and leave a note below so I can cheer you on??


Fayetteville NC Photographer - Nicole Guido
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