Joyful Summer Evenings in Richmond, VA

The Drake Family

Hey there friends! If this is the first time you’re reading the blog, welcome! You’re in for a treat tonight! A few weeks back, I had the privilege of spending a lovely summer evening with this amazing family in the outskirts of Richmond. And this family is super special!

Let’s take it back to October 2015 for just a second, kay? Kay! Being a military family means moving… a lot. And that also means moving your career when your husband is given orders to report to work on the other side of the continental US. When we arrived in Richmond that October, I immediately began my job search. Our apartment leasing agent quickly connected me to Stephanie, not even 10 days after rolling into Virginia on the 95 freeway. And by mid-October I had landed a job as a leasing agent, myself. Over the next 9 months, I got to be a part of the most fun property management team for a brand spankin’ new community in Richmond and I loved it.

Now fast forward to July of 2016 (ya still with me?). A few months prior, I’d been feeling this deep down passion for my photography again. I missed working with amazing families and kids to document life. And after a lot of thought, I decided to leave my job and pursue my photography full-time. But in those 9 months, friendships were forged and so, I was super excited to get the opportunity to capture these sweet moments for Stephanie and her family.

And let me tell you. This session had me laughing SO hard. In fact, one of the games I like to play during my lifestyle sessions is to see who can laugh the loudest. And one of the things I learned while working with Stephanie is that she dominates at this game. But I wanted to put little C up to the challenge and thus… the first few photos we shot are some of my absolute favorites!

Also some of my favorites… well, let’s just be honest, they’re all my faves. But I do really love the photos of little C with dad on the tractor. That tractor is more than 70 years old and in mint condition. And one of their favorite things to do together is ride that tractor. I love that mom and dad will have these photos to cherish forever and that little C will also have these sweet moments documented. At the very end of the session, I asked C to sit with Stephanie and the rest is history. Their smiles radiate love and joy, and if that doesn’t make you happy, well… look again!

Family photographer Richmond VA-Nicole Guido PhotographyTree Climbing Richmond VA-Nicole Guido Photography-Family Photographer Richmond VATractor ride-family photographer Richmond VA-Nicole Guido PhotographyFather and Son Driving Tractor-Family Photographer Richmond VA-Nicole Guido PhotographyAntique tractor Richmond VA-Nicole Guido PhotographyBlowing Bubbles-Family Photographer Richmond VA-Nicole Guido PhotographyFamily Photographer Richmond VA-Nicole Guido PhotographyDog chasing bubble-Family Photographer Richmond VA-Nicole Guido PhotographyChasing Chickens-Family Photographer Richmond VA-Nicole Guido PhotographyKid sprayed with hose-Nicole Guido PhotographyKid running under hose-family photographer Richmond VA-Nicole Guido PhotographyMother and son laughing together-Family Photographer Richmond VA-Nicole Guido PhotographyFamily Lifestyle Session-Family Photographer Richmond VA-Nicole Guido PhotographyRunning at sunset-Family Photographer Richmond VA-Nicole Guido PhotographyChild riding bike down ramp-Family Photographer Richmond VA-Nicole Guido Photography

These sweet childhood moments remind me of some of my favorite childhood memories, living in Northern California. We lived on 5 acres and had dogs, chickens, a potbelly pig, a goat, sheep, a garden, fruit trees, and a little rickety golf cart that we drove up and down the hills of those acres. I especially remember it getting stuck at the bottom of the hill because the battery died and having to be towed by my Dad’s truck. We had mud boots caked in inches of mud from feeding the animals in the rain. We had cats, kittens, a rabbit, and so much fun in the jacuzzi on the deck. Our summer evenings were full to the brim and they made for some of the sweetest memories we have. I would LOVE nothing more than to help you document your little one’s childhood and the current life season that you’re in! Drop me a note and let’s connect! And don’t forget about the summer special through July and August!

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