5 Family Photo Sessions to Consider this Fall

Y’all, summer is coming to an end, rather quickly if I do say so myself. Before we know it, the slow, warm summer days will be a distant memory and our days will feel shorter, the air will be crisp, the leaves will begin to turn from vibrant greens to golden oranges, and we’ll be staring fall (and all of the end of the year holidays) in the face.

And I. Can’t. Wait.

If you’re like me, you might feel a bit nostalgic about the last quarter of the year. I think it’s because it’s the time of year where traditions are born and kept. There are endless opportunities for families to be present together doing the activities they love and I’m humbled to be invited in to document them during this little chapter of their story.

This fall, I’d really love to photograph some families taking part in their fall traditions. And if you haven’t started any traditions yet, there’s no time like now! Here are 5 fall family photo session ideas to level up your family photos this fall!

Apple Picking

This is one that my hubby and I started when we moved here to Virginia. And I love it because it’s something we’ve never been able to experience in any other place that we’ve lived. Every October, we like to take a short day-trip to Carter Mountain in Charlottesville to get our apple-picking on. Last year alone, we picked somewhere in the vicinity of 60+ pounds of apples. I know, I know… we may have been slightly ambitious. It’s quite possible that I still have one last bag of frozen apples prepped for a pie. But the memories we create each year are priceless. Also, this is an activity that keeps on giving… I made at least five pies out of those apples, and so much more.

Fall Family Photo Sessions Ideas - Apple Picking at Carter Mountain - Nicole Guido - Richmond Virginia Family Photographer

Pumpkin Patch and Carving

Ah, I remember going to the pumpkin patch to search high and low for the very perfect pumpkin. Not too big, not to small. But just right. And then we’d bring them home to carve for the Halloween season. First, we’d cut off the top and scoop out the seeds to be washed and then baked. And then we’d design our face and cut away. Place a sweet candle inside and out on the front porch it went. It’s something we all do every year and something we’ll always want to remember. So don’t forget to document it!


When I think of s’mores, I’m reminded of the times we’d go camping for Thanksgiving. Nothing beats being around a campfire, browning up a marshmallow, and squishing it between some chocolate and graham crackers. Mmm, just thinking of it makes my mouth water. Now, you don’t have to go camping just to roast s’mores! If you’ve got a firepit in your backyard, you’re all set. Grab a cozy blanket, throw on some fun tunes, and you’ve got a little family gathering worth being documented. Just save me a s’more, ‘mkay?! (Photo of my s’more cookies, because I don’t have a campfire session in my portfolio yet. Will you be my first??)

Fall Family Photo Session Ideas - S'more Cookies - Nicole Guido - Richmond Virginia Family Photographer

Corn Maze

I grew up in a little town in northern California. It was a pretty rural town – lots of farms – and one corn farm in particular was pretty well-known. After their harvest, they would create an intricate maze through their crops and open it up to the public. I remember hanging out with my friends while we tried to find our way out. Eventually, I would be old enough to also go through the haunted house in the middle of the maze… eegads, I’ve never been so scared in my life. But I digress… there’s just something so beautiful and intimate (peaceful, maybe?) about wandering in the tall, golden corn stalks, especially with the setting sun filtering through the leaves. Gah, it gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!

Playing in the leaves

One thing I love about Virginia is the number of beautiful trees you find all over the state. Now, I know come fall, most people are hating their trees because of all the leaves that cover their yards. But if you’re going to rake your leaves, you might as well make it fun, right?! Get the whole family involved. Play in the leaves for a bit before bidding them adieu. I mean, what says fall better than leaf jumping. Am I right?

Fall Family Photo Session Ideas - Child with leaves in hands - Nicole Guido - Richmond Virginia Family Photographer

The age old question…

Can’t I just take these photos myself? Yes, you absolutely can. But here’s why I suggest hiring a professional photographer to photograph these activities for you. There’s one thing missing from all those photos you’ll take. You. And, friend, it is so important that you’re in the photos too. The number one thing I love to capture in all of my sessions is the connections and the love between family members. And someday your kiddos will love and appreciate the photos that include you in them too.

I’ll be finalizing my fall schedule really soon! If you’re looking to book a session like one of these above, email me so we can get you on my calendar! And be on the lookout for mini-session dates and specials coming soon!

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Talk soon, friend!