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The 4 Best Locations for Your Next Family Photo Session

I just finished talking about my tips for choosing a location and planning a session that’s meaningful to your family over on IGTV and I wanted to also be sure that I included this here for all my blog readers. I created a super easy one-page brainstorming worksheet that you can print and use to brainstorm with your family. Grab some coffee, your favorite pen, and start marking this baby up. You’ll be on your way to planning THE best and most unique family session you’ve ever had!

Why Hiring a Professional Photographer is an Investment

Why Photography is an Investment It’s 6:00 am. I’m sitting here at the dining table, coffee in one hand (waiting ever so patiently for it to do its job) and phone in the other. I’m mindlessly scrolling through Facebook – which isn’t really my morning norm, to be honest. I don’t generally log in to…

I booked a session, now what should I wear?

10 Tips for choosing what to wear for family photos Confession time! The first time we had professional photos taken of the two of us was on our wedding day – and not even the actual wedding day, it was the vow renewal. The second time? Three years later, in the cool Richmond fall. Slightly…

3 Reasons to Print Your Photos and Where to Print

I’m about to share a secret with you. I’m guilty. Totally and utterly guilty of not printing my photos. Yes, you’re on a photographer’s blog. And yes, I just fully admitted that I’m THE worst at moving my photos from hard drive to archival paper so I can hold them in my hands. Now that…